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maXair Review
           maXair = fun, thrilling, fun, thrilling, - see a pattern? On May 6th, 2005 Cedar Point previewed their latest scream machine to the media - and for the first time in nearly 7 years, it wasn't a roller coaster. At a quick glance it appears maXair, which stands some 140 feet above the ground, could easily be called a "spin-n'-puke" ride, maybe even labeled "insane." It spins you, it swings you, you feel weightless, your feet fly freely in the air - ahh look there's the sky!... no wait there's the ground, no wait the sky again! Yep, I'll agree it looks intimidating, ride reviews of similar rides make your blood pressure jump just thinking about riding it, yet maXair is, get this, rideable. Sit back, keep arms near the computer, and turn on the good ole imagination and get ready to experience maXair:

Wow talk about intimidation! Unlike the roller coasters or other rides, by the time you get in line for maXair you will have seen it all, and probably walked right under the ride itself. The queue, which seems too small to handle the normal Cedar Point crowds, is squeezed in between the ride and the kid's water boat ride (just think all the little kids will be floating by in their cute little boats and see all the big people all nervous...). Before you walk out onto the loading platform, you'll be told a seat number - the ride holds 50 people(but I have to wonder when people are scared will they remember a simply number?). For those 'experienced' thrill seekers - the seats and restraints are similar to Raptor and Wicked Twister. Plain English translation: A "U" shaped padded bar comes down over you to hold you in a big version of a baby car seat. The floor then drops a few feet and the ride begins to move. Everything from the fancy park news releases to even this lovely review - you could say has an error ahh lets make it sound cooler: we all are trying to keep a secret from you, but here I'll share. The ride doesn't 'spin' like that Maytag dryer you have in your laundry room, a better word would be to say it "rotates." You don't feel like you are spinning out of control, heck I don't have stats in from of me, but I would guess the speed of the rotation itself is not very fast. It merely rotates at an enjoyable pace not make-you-sick-to-your-stomach-because-

you-just-ate-2-elephant-ears-and-cotton-candy pace. The ride starts off simply enough - don't get too cocky and start thinking you conquered it after 10 seconds, because it does speed up - a lot. Everytime you ride it, you will have a different experience due to the rotation. One time you made be swinging back down backwards, the next time face first. If you have any time to take in the view - its great. Since the ride spins right over the midway you may be looking straight down at the crowd of people gathering around the ride, or you simply may become a sky watcher for a split second. After a few swings back and forth the ride rotates back down into the starting position. The floor rises and then you feel foolish for being nervous for the past week about riding, well, a fun and enjoyable ride. Oh and don't worry maXair isn't the kind of ride that will make you sick to your stomach, unless well maybe if you had some of those really good chilli fries just before getting on. It is an insane ride, but not one that will require you to sit down for 15 mins to catch your breath.

Ride Facts

Inaugural Season: 2005
Tower Height: 84 ft
Max Swing: 140 ft
Designer: Huss
Type: Giant Frisbee
Speed: 70 mph
Ride Time: 2mins., 30 secs.
Riders Per Hour: 1,000
People Per Vehicle: 50
Height to Ride: 52 inches

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