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Getting To The Point

               By Road....

      Getting to the Point by car is easy, due to the fact that everything from the expressways to the regular city streets are clearly marked as to how to get to the Point.

  • If coming from the Ohio turnpike, use the 250 exit and follow posted signs. Drive Time from Turnpike to Cedar Point: 25 minutes

  • If coming from the east on US 2, use the US 6 Huron/Sandusky exit and follow posted signs. Drive Time from exit to Cedar Point: 10 minutes

  • If coming west on US 2, use either US 6 or US 250. Follow posted signs to Cedar Point. Drive Time from exit to Cedar Point: 15 minutes Hint: We recommend you use US 2 upon arrival, due to the fact US 250 is a major road and gets "bogged" down. Upon departure from the Po!nt, we recommend you take 250 back to US 2, because it is the most clearly mark route.

        By Air....

  •   Cleveland's airport is closest international airport to Cedar Point. It is located on the west side of Cleveland. Drive Time from airport to Cedar Point: 1 hour

  • Sandusky, has it own small airport, named Griffin-Sandusky. Despite it small size, Griffen has all the regular amenities.  During the summer their is a shuttle to and from Cedar Point. Drive Time from airport to Cedar Point: 5 minutes

               By Train....

      Getting to the Point by Train is fairly easy. Amtrak, the nation's largest rail transportation service. Amtrak has a station in Sandusky, and it is just 10 minutes away from the park.

  • For more information, such as timetables and fares, visit www.amtrak.com or call Amtrak at: 1-800-USA-RAIL

            By Boat....

           When Cedar Point first opened, getting to the Po!nt by boat was the way. In today's day and age, Cedar Point has one of the largest and most respect marina on the Great Lakes. For more information on the Cedar Point Marina, click here.

  • The Island Rocket operates a ferry line that runs between Cedar Point, Sandusky, Kelly's Island and Put-In-Bay. Riding the Island Rocket is not only a good way to travel from the different islands or Sandusky to Cedar Point but it is fun. For more information on the Island Rocket visit their website: www.islandrocket.com

            By Bus....

      Greyhound Bus Service features over 17,000 daily departures to more than 2,500 cities nation-wide, including Sandusky. Most likely you will be able to get a bus from any where in the country to Cedar Point. For more information:

 All text/images are copyrighted  2003 by Andrew Hyde
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