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Top Thrill Dragster Review
         Leave all your expectations behind and be prepared for THE ride of your life. From the second you drive into the city of Sandusky to the moment you leave (yes the ride can be viewed many miles away) Top Thrill Dragster is all about height, speed, and as the name correctly stats, top thrills. Broken down, here are my thoughts (along with some facts) on the worlds tallest and fastest roller coaster:

  • Ride - Simply outstanding! There are no photos or videos that show just how tall or fast Dragster really is. The train rolls slowly out of the station, and pauses in the staging area - sounds of a growling motor fill the air along with some "smoke" from the trains mock "engine". The noises pick up, you hear the brakes along the launch track drop, and without a warning you start traveling at 120mph. For those thinking the launch wont be intense - HA! You are rocketed from 0mph to high speeds - and the speeds keeps building up while you can feel the unbelievable speed of the ride. Suddenly, the trains make a swift 90 degree turn and travels 420 feet in the air. As the train approaches the top, it slows down, only to be yanked down the crown section (which provides some insane airtime). For a brief second you can see a miniature ride in front of you - Millennium Force. Coming off the top, you start heading down, then, before you realize it, the train makes a quick 270 degree twist (and the train swings around close to a track support piece creating a wonderful "head chopper" effect). Then you travel head first down the rest of the drop - roughly 200+ feet! Suddenly, the trains levels out, and magnetic brakes slow the train to a quick and smooth stop. At the opening ceremony, Cedar Point's general manager said something along the lines of that Top Thrill Dragster is the ultimate thrill which people have been searching for - he couldn't be more right.

  • Themeing - Cedar Point did a beautiful job on the ride themeing. From the ride trains, to the grandstands - everything is made to make you feel like you are at the race track. There are signs comparing Top Thrill Dragster to real dragsters, a real dragster on display, and a "winner's circle."

  • Landscaping - I'm one who likes amusement parks with a lot of trees - so I was quite disappointed when Cedar Point removed so many trees. My mind was changed after riding the ride - they kept many trees, and the "stream" by Corkscrew, and put a big effort into re-landscaping the area - and it looks very nice.

  • Midway - I always enjoyed the Gemini Midway of the park - an area with big rides, but with trees also. It was hard to believe last year when I saw so many trees removed - but its worth it. Not only did the construction of Top Thrill Dragster cause the movement of several "flat rides" to less popular areas of the park (which the movement is a great idea to help even out the crowd flow), but added a huge amount of energy to a rather "dull" area of the park. Yes, the coaster itself if full of enery(10,000 horsepower motor), but the excitement level, the themeing - everything all comes together to make the new "Top Thrill Dragster Midway" one of the most exciting areas in any amusement parks - for both riders and non-riders.

  • How does it feel? - Surprising after my two rides on the monstrous ride, I did not feel dizzy, shaken up, or sick to my stomach at all. Yes, the g-forces are high, very high, but the ride's transitions and start and stop are very smooth.

  • Trains - Themed like real a real dragster cars, the trains are some of the neatest I have seen. Comfortable wise, they are OK, but better than most.

  • Excitement - People are pumped about the ride. As the train slowly rolls out of the station some riders scream or cheer. Forgot about hearing any screams coming from the ride once in progress - all you here is the smooth running sound of the train glazing along. Like Millennium Force, pretty much everyone cheers at the end of the ride (and some make so rather obscure comments to proclaim their love for the ride).

  • Misc. - When I rode, there was queue line covers only over one section (though they plan to install them over most of the queue). One disappointed though, was a large fence that blocks the anxious riders-to-be in line from seeing anything except the ride's brake run.

 All text/images are copyrighted  2005?by Andrew Hyde
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